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Aug 23, 2011 3:00am PDT
on roads near ponds and other bodies of water. >> now, is that really a good use of government money? steve leroy is a town supervisor. you can correct me on the pronunciation of your name, i'm sorry. he's in wayne county, new york. good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> all right. so your area, you're too broke some say to fix the roads there. yet, you got these no -- watch out for the frogs street signs up there. how are you feeling about this? >> ok. it's true. i got the word about two weeks ago that new york state was in fact installing these signs. and like anyone else, i couldn't believe it. we're trying desperately to replace our infrastructure, roads, bridges, install water lines and this is what the folks down in albany send us. frog crossing signs. >> was there a laugh track in the envelope? here's what the new york parks department says about this. listen to this. there is concern over the well being of hundreds of frogs, turtles, snakes that cross the road. the hope is the motorists would be aware of the creatures crossing the road and drive cautiously as
FOX News
Aug 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
qaddafi is but we know the streets of tripoli are filled with rebels. what else can you tell us? >> steve, we just went down into the hotel lobby, the reporters are basically in the hotel where we've been for months trying to cover this conflict under heavy scrutiny and basically run into six armed men who say police officers are protecting the hotel but basically say we cannot leave. we're still waiting to go and do our jobs, get out on the streets and report these events. they are saying to us you can't leave and they're citing the fact that there's too many snipers in this area. i'll caution the figure of 95% of the army, 20% in pro government and pro qaddafi hands still including that compound you spoke of which is no more than, you know, a kilometer, half a kilometer behind the hotel where, you know, there's still some holdouts putting up stiff resistance there so right now, we're caught between the lines but we're hoping, you know, that some short time, we can actually get out and start looking and speaking to the people and find out what's going on here. >> how did this go from a s
FOX News
Aug 8, 2011 3:00am PDT
a minimum, steve. >> absolutely. nikkei index finished down something like 2%. right now, i was looking at the european stock market and, you know, it's pretty much down one, two, almost 3%. and the dow right now is down, what, 238 points right now as we speak. so it's really moving lower. >> that's not good for us. for more reaction, let's go to fox news reporter jennifer davis joining us live from our d.c. bureau. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. all eyes on the global markets today to see how they react to news of this s&p downgrade. u.s. stock futures have tumbled. asian markets down. what's going to happen on wall street? that's the million dollar question today. the news from s&p came after those markets had closed on friday. downgrade going from triple a status down one notch to double a plus. s&p says this is a reflection not only of the political gridlock in washington and fact that the ratings agency doubts whether or not lawmakers can come together to work this problem out but also about the fact that they say that debt ceiling deal last week didn't cut enough. s&p
FOX News
Aug 11, 2011 3:00am PDT
newschannel debate in ames, iowa, ahead of the straw poll that's going to happen this weekend. steve brown is on the campus of iowa state university, bright and early this morning, you're on central time, steve. welcome and good morning. >> we are. >> good morning and go cyclones! good morning, gretchen, steve, peter, you need an actual a full inhale before you say the name of tonight's debate is the fox news washington examiner republican party of iowa republican candidates debate. and that takes a full breath but if you're going to take a look at the combatants in this particular debate, let's talk about first the arguably the candidate that has been most in the move in the polls and that would be michelle bachmann. you could argue that based on her performances in the two nationally televised debates so far, that has helped propel michelle bachmann up into the top tier of the presidential candidates for the g.o.p. now, it is interesting in that we've got to debate and then we've got an actual measurable event coming up on saturday which is the straw poll and the chairman of the state p
FOX News
Aug 5, 2011 3:00am PDT
the barbecue, people come running. it was hard enough to keep steve and i away from it this morning. you have the sweet pulled pork, all of that. >> people are sitting out at picnic tables at 6:00 a.m. stop on by if you're heading to work today. 8:00 hour, we'll have the special performance live right here on "fox & friends." one of our friends today dropping by to fill in for the vacationing brian kilmeade. good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. >> good to see you from the weekend show. let's do a couple of headlines because the fear that gripped wall street traders are spreading around the world. this morning, we're seeing strong selloffs in markets in asia and europe. >> will we have a repeat today of what happened on wall street? joining us right now is dennis neil on the streets of new york city. dennis, how does it look? >> you know what? the do or die time now. we were down 4%, 5% in u.s. stocks. europe is trading down maybe 2%. will we actually see a turn back to the positive or will investors say no, you know what? it's even worse than i thought yesterday. this jobs numbe
Aug 25, 2011 7:00am EDT
: barak, california. gaithersburg, maryland. republican, steve. caller: looking forward to reading the book. i have to tell you as a moderate republican, i thought cheney was a good congressman. i thought he was a fantastic secretary of defense and the gulf war and i would argue one of the worst vice-president we have ever had. very disappointed. i voted first term for him, and the second, unfortunately because of him. i will be interested to read his book to see what his take is. so far from what you have been reading from the reviews, this seems like a guy who was always good and blaming everybody else for failures of the bush administration. host: go ahead. finish up, steve. caller: when of the previous callers -- we are entitled to our own opinions and not entitled to our own facts. the iraq war when it comes to the facts, i have yet to see facts about weapons of mass destructions. i still think we should have gone in regardless. but a previous caller, a fellow republican, the valerie plame story, that there was no connection between him. you can stretch and say there was no di
FOX News
Aug 22, 2011 3:00pm PDT
griffin monitoring the developments from the pentagon. but we begin with correspondent steve harrigan live in zentan, south of tripoli. good evening. >> reporter: right now they say that muammar gaddafi is still inside the country of libya but not saying specific whereabouts. it's unclear where he is. the latest unconfirmed reports have him heading to algeria. we spent 11 12 hours with rebels on the way to the capital with the special help from nato, high-tech help, rebel fighters in the capital say they need at this point is gasoline. we're going with a 5,000 gallon gas tanker to help supply rebels in their fight. one of the key weapon in the battle is a pickup truck used to mount vehicle and move the troops around. finally over the past 24 hours with the rebel officials we notice a sea change in mood. just 24 hours ago there was a sense of jubilation, ecstasy, the rumors they captured gaddafi and walked in tripoli and would take the capital. that has changed dramatically with the push back by the government forces. and the ensuing casualties there is a sense here of real momentum and it'
Aug 3, 2011 6:00am EDT
buchanan in washington. joining the table right now, though, finacier, steve. >> we've been hearing a lot over the past couple of days, a lot of democratic senators, commentators, some op-ed people telling us so much in slashing spending children will be kicked out of schools, parents will have to be feeding their children pine cones and wild berries. you got a chart. this is serious. it's unbelievable. they cut so much. i guess all of our long term debt problems are taken care of. >> well you guessed wrong. let's take a look at what actually happened. so they did cut or were going to cut $2.1 trillion often years, back loaded and so on. this is a chart we looked at a couple of weeks ago. if you remember back in 2000 we had a surplus because tax revenues were 20.5% roughly. spending took off. you can see in the middle of that chart. spending at 28.1%. if we had done nothing -- >> for people at home the red line is the spending. the blue line is the revenues and they are going in the wrong direction. >> they are going in the wrong direction. let's look at the two top red lines. two top re
FOX News
Aug 18, 2011 8:00am PDT
is causing fear in the markets. for more, we're joined by steve moore of the "wall street journal," joining us by phone. steve, there's been a lot said about the health of banks, particularly in europe, -- in europe, and that is involved with what's happening in the markets now. what can you tell us about that? >> i'm getting motion sickness with this stock market over the last week! i was one of those people that has talked about last week that bought on a dip so i'm not feeling so good about things today, but you know, i think one of the major triggers for the selloff today was the european banks, this crisis of debt in europe is not subsiding, there's a real concern now that germany may have to come in and essentially bail out the european central bank. so there is real panic with respect to the banks in europe, and what's happening, jenna, if you look at the market today, what's really getting creamed is american banks, as this kind of contagion and virus seems to be spreading to these shores. jenna: and so what is the takeaway for us, steve? because you look back in 2008, i mean, we we
FOX News
Aug 17, 2011 3:00pm PDT
like on paper. seriously, just drop it in the mail, podium not required. thanks. bring in panel. steve hayes for stand stand. karen tomolty, "washington post." sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> i am with the press secretary and the speaker. remember obama had said he had a plan, well originally he had a plan it was called the budget in february. it was laughed out of the senate, pause it was spending spree in the middle of the debt crisis. so he did a redo with the speech april 19, which was announced. and touted as a plan. well, when the plan was put to the director of the c.b.o., in congress, he was asked what that obama plan number two would do with the budget. the deficit. he answered there was no way of telling. he said we don't estimate speeches. meaning a speech is something. it's hot air. it's not real. the question is this another speech in the tradition of the april 13 speech or a plan? if is it a plan, put it on paper and show us the numbers. that has been the problem with the president. he has had all the leaks and he says i'm prepared to take hard choice
Aug 16, 2011 1:00pm EDT
't political. with me now democratic strategist steve mcman and republican strategist terry holt. ter roy, what do you think so far about the rick perry kick off particularly karl rove even a fellow texan, even though there's not been love loss between the perry and bush camps in texas. karl rove said on fox that it was not presidential the shot he took at bernanke saying that printing money is treasonous, and that it could get ugly for the fed chair if he came down to texas. is that the way texans talk? >> he sure brought a lot of spark and vigor to the campaign in just these few short days. that's kind of what the republican field needs. it needs somebody to challenge it, to upset the status quo. if you're mitt romney, you've got to be worried about rick perry because he brings that big state success story that's so important to the narrative. he also brings an ability to raise a ton of money, that's what it's going to take to beat barack obama. if you're michele bachmann you've got to be looking in the rear view mirror, too. he brings that passion and enthusiasm that the right of center memb
Aug 8, 2011 6:00am EDT
, mark halprin and economic analyst steve rat ner. thank you for changing your plans. in washington, pat bu can nan is joining us. willie is on his way in. so much to talk about. >> saturday morning, when we talked about this later at my daughter's birthday party. both of us looked at the horrifying news of saturday morning coming out of afghanistan. coupled with the sp downgrade. as a young girl, back in 1979 when so many things were hitting at one time. it was, i really can't think of another time in my lifetime where i woke up and saw a couple things hitting like that and i don't want to say questioned america's place in the world but certainly thought we lost our way. >> a bleak feeling. we are going to talk about the unspeakable loss in afghanistan coming up and why, when and when it will become a central part of the political conversation when we talk about campaigns. when it will be front and center of the issue. i don't know when but i'm hoping soon. >> you, let's talk for a second about 1979. if you said, when you read the papers that morning that you had this -- it almost took
FOX News
Aug 1, 2011 3:00pm PDT
, according to the white house. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with "the hill." a.b. stoddard, associate editor of "the hill." and sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, you said you know it's a big night of importance when the panel expands. >> absolutely. all of america trembles. if there is a fifth, it's the apocalypse. >> bret: your thoughts? >> i think since the boehner proposal passed in the house thursday night after all the craziness it was clear we would not have a default. we would have an agreement. we now have it no question it passes in the two houses. it gets signed in a week we worry what the insanity was about. i don't think there was a tremendously high chance of default or breaching the debt ceiling. once boehner had control of his house, it was a done deal. i expect that in an hour it will be done in the house. interesting to see how many republicans will go against the leadership, how many democrats will oppose it on the left. there will be a tradeoff. either side wants to protect its wing
FOX News
Aug 16, 2011 3:00pm PDT
not be full. steve hayes is here to tell us about a popular congressman who may consider a run. good evening. >> congressman paul ryan is considering getting in the race. >> he is. i talked to several people in the past three or four days who said that paul ryan is taking time, meeting with the strategists in the past couple of months, looking at the possibility of a late entry in the presidential race by gaming it out. talking to people who are important to run on strategy and personal side. trying to gauge interest in going forward. >> bret: this is real. we have heard this before. >> my editor bill kristol fantasizeed about this for months. this is real. i talk to people in contact with him. i looked at this vigorously at the end of june and i was waved off at the end when i had come up with quite a bit of what he had done in prep race of a race. talking to strategist and the reg tration -- registration. >> bret: he asked not to be on the super committee. set up in the debt ceiling deal. he has given foreign policy speeches in recent months. his pac is running ads in iowa. >> right, exact
FOX News
Aug 22, 2011 7:00pm PDT
. that's one piece of the puzzle. steve harrigan joins us live from libya. >> reporter: greta, some obscureties there surrounding the story. a short time ago we were offered an interview with saif al-islam 50 miles outside of tripoli. they said they held him in prison here. we could have the interview. that would have been an unusual feat considering he was in tripoli. we've seen real credibility gaps throughout this conflict on both sides. perhaps on the rebel side sometime their inexperience in the battlefield this time mirrored in their inexperience in dealing with the media. be that as it may, what saif said, luring the rebels into a trap is hard to take at stpraeuls aoufpl it is true there has been -- hard to take at face value. it is true there has been a shift. 24 hours ago there was a sense of euphoria, that tripoli was about to fall that they had or would soon capture colonel gadhafi. that has not come to pass. what we've seen is the beginning of a worst-case scenario that is, brutal urban warfare. the gadhafi government used at least one scud missile against its people tod
Aug 11, 2011 5:00pm EDT
they seem to love it. hmm. on a lighter note than that, steve colbert got approval to form a super pact called americans for a better tomorrow released its first ad of the 2012 campaign. let's listen. >> a storm is gathering over iowa. a money storm. out of state groups like growpac and jobs for iowa pac are flooding item wa airwaves telling you to vote rick perry at the ames straw poll. we want you to vote for rick perry, too, but not their rick perry. our rick perry. that's perry with an a, or america. with an a for iowa. >> i wonder if some know colbert is kidding with all this? >>> anyway, was wall street teetering? stuck below 50% democrats getting nervous about president obama's re-election chances. what should the president do right now to calm the jitters? >>> you're watching "hardball," thworld's best yogurts for activia selects in paris we discovered the inspiration for a totally new yogurt. activia selects french so silky and smooth with lots of juicy fruit. then our search took us to beautiful greece and this thick and creamy greek yogurt, so rich and full of flavor. it was
Aug 11, 2011 7:00pm EDT
by those on the far right? they seem to love it. hmm. on a lighter note than that, steve colbert got approval to form a super pact called americans for a better tomorrow released its first ad of the 2012 campaign. let's listen. >> a storm is gathering over iowa. a money storm. out of state groups like growpac and jobs for iowapac are flooding the airwaves telling you to vote rick perry at the ames straw poll. we want you to vote for rick perry, too, but not their rick perry. our rick parry. that's parry with an a, or america. with an a for iowa. >> i wonder if some know colbert is kidding with all this? >>> anyway, was wall street teetering? stuck below 50% democrats getting nervous about president obama's re-election chances. what should the president do right now to calm the jitters? >>> you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. mobile app. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates.
Aug 3, 2011 5:30am EDT
don't feel a thing. it feels solid. it feels stable. no pain. steve and i have had an amazing run. stevie is a hell of a caddy. no denying that. he's helped my career. and i think i helped his as well. we've been -- we've had a great partnership for 12 years, maybe more than that. won a bunch of tournaments. i felt it was time to change things up a bit. >> steve williams was most surprised by tiger's decision. red sox and indians at fenway last night. youkilis home run into the seats above the green monster. game tied at two. to the bottom of the ninth. jacobi ellsbury delivers a line drive to center field, jarrod saltalamacchia hustling around trying to score from second. great slide by the boston catcher. red sox win it on a walk-off. that was a walk-off win in the ninth. 3-2 is the score. yankees also won. still a game behind the sox in the a.l. east. >>> cardinals and brewers, good game. dangerous pitch. oh. drilled albert pujols in the hand. he would shake it off and stay in the game. that scares you. that was the head, actually. cardinals retaliate coming inside on ryan brau
FOX News
Aug 8, 2011 6:00am PDT
>> steve: go show today. our thanks to eric bolling from fox business for joining us. >> gretchen: log on for our after the show show and we'll see you all tomorrow. hope for a good day out there. bill: all right, here we go, and buckle up! what happens to your retirement, now four -- your 401(k), wall street opening for the first time in 30 minutes since the u.s. was given its first downgrade in history, that could mean a frantic selloff when the opening bell goes at 9:30. good morning, everybody, hope you had a fantastic weekend, i'm bill hemmer, welcome back to "america's newsroom". >> great to see you bill. bill: great to see you. as we await -- sweltso seat belts on. alisyn: i'm alisyn camarota for in martha maccallum, stocks making a -- taking a beating in europe and asia as one of the guys who made the call for the downgrade tells fox what the united states needs to do to get its gold plated rating back . >> east coast i'm, where are we now, stu? >> got three headlines about your money, number one, the market opens in 30 minutes, it will open sharply lower. at this moment w
FOX News
Aug 2, 2011 6:00am PDT
>> peter: my pleasure. >> steve: anyway off to your regular job. >> gretchen: log on to for our after the show show. or tune in to kill need and friends, i'm -- kilmeade and friends. i'm filling in for brian. the battle over raising the debt ceiling facing another hurdle in washington. we await a vote in the senate on a plan that was passed late last night by the house 269-161. that bill calls for $2 trillion in budget cuts the next 10 years. republican eric cantor followed by nancy pelosi. their take as you might expect rather different. >> i think the big win for us and the american people is the fact that there are no tax hikes in this package. and i'm told that the leader on the other side of the building. the majority leader went to the floor and indicated some how i changed my position on that. i can tell you flat out she is wrong. i insist now is not the time for us to be considering tax hikes when there is over 9% unemployment and too many people out of work. >> congressman cleaver said this is a satan sandwich. it probably is with some freeze on the side. we were forced
FOX News
Aug 1, 2011 1:00pm EDT
. an iranian court is expected to release its verdict at any time. steve centanni is watching it. >> reporter: the last court appearance was held yesterday in tehran. a lawyer for the hikers says he expects to hear a verdict in a week. he was hoping for an immediate decision and immediate freedom for his clients. they have been in prison for two years this month. shane bauer and josh fattal were hiking when they were arrested and charged with espionage. shore was released on humanitarian ground and is now living in california. the border with iran is porous and indistinct. they stepped off an unmarked dirt road allegedly into iranian territory because a bored guard called them over. the court did not call sarah shore back to testify and he believes mercy could come because this is the beginning of ramadan when pardons are traditionally given. the state department had this reaction. >> we start from the premise that they have been held far too long and have been held without any reason. and that they should be released. and we remain hopeful they will be. >> reporter: the case another sore spo
Aug 31, 2011 12:00am PDT
more american entrepreneurs and businessmen should be doing? there's steve jobs. he's a genius. he has these amazing ideas. he gets a brilliant design team around him. he has as jack welsh points out, a brilliant system of delivery for his products. he gets it out there. fast and efficiently. and he sells it around you go to china or india or europe. there are apples products, piled high. beautiful quality, incredibly reliable and they're available to all, selling like hot cakes and he is a brilliant marketeer, too. that kind of thing that america needs so much more of. identifying products to the whole world. >> it is happening in small ways. i've met so many start-up entrepreneurs all around the country. it is much harder for them to make it work now. but it is still happening. that's for me, the hope for the future. as a greek, as a naturalized american, as a double dose of optimism. viewers depressed. that sense of ingenuity. that entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive. what we need to do is to overcome the dysfunctional nature of our government at the moment that is really gett
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 136 (some duplicates have been removed)